Edict of Rats

by Generation Pill

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2016 - Pill-Mill Industries Inc.


released July 20, 2016

All songs written by Generation Pill

James VonUrchin - Guitar, vocals
Josh Taft - Bass, vocals, guitar on "Naegleria Fowleri"
Matt McCullough - Drums

Horns On "Two Headed Beast" by Nick Gilbert (trombone) & James Webber (saxophone) of Culture Vulture (culturevultureband.bandcamp.com)

Spoken words in "Iran Grey" written and performed by Lila Miller

Additional Vocals on "Rat Heaven", "Kick Ain't Beanbag" and "Top Rock & Spindle" by Maryssa Pickett.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Henry McGehee at the Bomb Shelter, except "Naegleria Fowleri": recorded and mixed by Slime VonUrchin

All physical media produced by Pill-Mill Industries Inc.

Album illustration by Tom Perkins (www.tomperkinsart.com)
Graphic design and layout by James VonUrchin



all rights reserved


Generation Pill Savannah, Georgia

some grungy/punky shit

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Track Name: Two Headed Beast
Ill take my chances
On the outside
Don't need your twisting
Don't want your advice

Shame on you
You hung my name
Your poison voice
It sounds the same as his

And ill dig up trenches
Until I'm certain
That he's not creeping
He's not lurking

Shame on you
You stung my brain
Molasses drawl
And poison fang
You snake

Hold your horses
God is coming
Save your graces
He'll be counting
And theres the Devil
Quietly trailing
He's got his list
And he is patient
Track Name: Rat Heaven
All the rats will drown together
In a cistern filled with water
Lead the masses to the slaughter
All the rats will drown together

Take me, Lord face me
Why must I stand in line?
Their seething happiness shines bright
It burns my eyes, I'm blind
And I let you down
I let you down (x2)

Every bridge will burn to ashes
When I'm finished with these matches
I'm a bastard and a fascist
Every bridge will burn to ashes


Track Name: Kill the Sick
Tracer bullets and violets
Put me out to pasture, bring violence
Ancient gardens are dying
Poison water is rising

Please let me in
I forgot how to swim

I used to jump off every afternoon
Wake up every morning in a tomb
Bust my way out do it all again
Nowhere left to go but right back in

Murdering well-wisher
Liability shifter
Anger, high tide and washout
Faker, twister and no doubt

Please let me out
I swear I'm found


He's hoppin' on
He's hoppin' off
He's hoppin' on
Oh the possibilities
Track Name: Euphoric Recall
Oh sweet Madeleine
You'll make a fool of me yet
When my pen was bleeding ink
I don't know what I was thinking

I know I slipped, but God damn
I know I'm sick but God damn, man

If it killed all we ever were
I still haden't had enough yet
It won't be long now
Go check what time the clock died

And I know I'm dumb, but God damn
And I know I'm drunk, but God damn

And now I wanna be your dog
And now I wanna be your dog
But I could never trust again
And that is too bad

And now I wanna break the water
And now I wanna face the slaughter
And now I wanna keep it clean
But now I can't say what I mean
And that is too bad (x3)
And thats just too God damn bad

Oh sweet Madeleine
I'll make a fool of me yet
Track Name: The Bug
It follows me around
It copies what I said
It likes to creep the grounds
It likes to steal my bread
Its hiding in the mold
That grows above my bed
It likes to keep a list
Of every time I've bled

If life's still coming, I'm still waiting

It likes to smile big
It likes to chew on lead
It likes to hide a hand
When it feeds me meds
It likes to get high
In a wedding dress
It likes to keep a rope
Tight around my neck


Oh, where'd you go?
I should have known
That you'd leave me alone
So, so it goes

And later on when I am dead
Bury me in a wedding dress
And keep a stone next to my head
Let it read: here lies a wretch
Who couldn't help but to make a mess
And may the worms feast on his flesh

Cause if life's still coming
Im still waiting
Track Name: Iran Grey
Gardens are for lovers
Better find me another
Cause all my crops are dying
No use left in lying
Spread your dirt around

I saw bushes burning
I felt a dopers yearning
Now its faded city walking
No time wasted talking
Let your conscience drown

"I tremble when I think of you
A garden rendezvous
And the fierce reckoning
Nipping at my achilles heel
One day I will have to pay
For all the wounded ways
I learned to love people
Only to forget them
'I'd definitely love to spend more time with you'
But I can't get high enough to trust you
Or anyone else
The tremendous yawn of dissent
I turn away and I don't call you back
Of all the terrible things we do for love
I am still waiting to spill my blood"

Down by the muddy river side
Sick and cold in the summer time
Foam bubbles up like heroin
And you're off chasing death again

Keep your eyes wide
You won't see it happening to you

Down where the river ends
Beg God to send you a friend
You won't have to talk or learn
Just sit and watch the money burn

Track Name: Kick Ain't Beanbag
Take a look at me
And you will only see part of the story
I did my best to build a wall
With ornaments and pray for mercy
Its a lie, and its a shrine
To gaudiness and petulance of youth

I burn everything I touch
And smear the ashes under my eyes
I have earned the consequences
Ill be dead by the time you hear this
You were right, I am blighted
The deadly sin of muddying the truth

A shot a day keeps the demons away (x4)
Track Name: Top Rock & Spindle
Just keep busy
She said: "Just keep busy"

So I paid the butcher
And I built a fire
And I melted water
And I chewed my food
And I got your letter
And I felt bewildered
Thew it in the fire
Don't need more to lose

Just keep busy
He said: "Just keep busy"
He said:
"A geiger counter
Could reveal the squalor
Of our wretched neighbor
In the burning pit"
So I crafted posture
And I kicked the fodder
Drowned the coals in water
And I buried it

Its alright now
Count your blessings
Its alright now
Save your graces
Track Name: Bluelight
I've got the fun again
A hundred dollar bill
Rolled up; tolled up
In the pale hands of
A girl on the steps
Behind the river

The stall-room spies two red eyes
The drummer fell off beat
No one's sleeping
I don't feel that fun again
Wading through the crowd
Smiling, we're faking
The pen will write and move again
I don't need it, I don't need it

The knife cuts reflections
The people melting in the picture
Nose-bloody rivers flow in nightmares
Please don't touch me, give me cover
Please don't touch me, give me cover
Track Name: Naegleria Fowleri
Get out of here ghost.
Track Name: A Place to Lie Down
Don't yield to danger
Bid it fare-thee-well
But don't blame a solider
Cause he fights himself
Himself (x4)

Don't be a master
Don't fantasize
Don't you get blinded
By love and lies
Love and lies
Love and lies
Love and lies
Love's a lie

Don't you be playing
Out in the street
Don't you be taking
Those pills anymore
Anymore (x4)

Cause I won't be waking
Up in the morning
Don't you be mourning
Cause I am dirt
I am dirt (x4)