Kill or Be Killed

by Generation Pill

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James VonUrchin - Guitars, Vocals
Joshua Ivester - Drums
Bass performed by Hunter Jayne

Trainscape created by Slime & Hunter

All songs written by James VonUrchin, except "Cant go Home",
written by MacGregor Burns -

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Hunter Jayne at Soaking Wet Studios

Album Art created by Jose Ray
Design & Layout by James VonUrchin

2014 - Generation Pill.


released November 4, 2014

Love and miss you Josh and Sara! Good luck in your travels.



all rights reserved


Generation Pill Savannah, Georgia

some grungy/punky shit

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Track Name: The House of Ambiguous Love
Ask me where I wandered from and I won't lie to you
Keep me at an arms length and don't expect the truth
Dumb and blind I couldn't find an idiom for youth
Spin this any way you will, its an opiate to you

Knife gut, trench foot, bitter bends
Laying in the comfort of all of your friends
Alone with a bottle in my right hand
I guess I'm just moving on any way I can

Breathings never easy when your lungs are good and black
Moving on is thirsty work but I don't have the tact
No more patience, no more love, its time to face the facts
You might as well pretend I'm dead, you're never coming back


Circling around and round a feeding frenzies had
Track Name: Pleasure to Burn
Buildings burning, the sky is turning grey
Reminding me of everything Ive ever failed to achieve
And hallelujah, I can't breathe again
And if I don't make it out today, drop my body in a muddy grave
And if I make it out alright, we'll have a modern night

All the modern nights
And all the pretty lights
And all the hollow eyes
And all the filthy lies

Whatcha thinkin? Watch your back my friend
This town is filled with little birds, hokus-pokus fighting words
And every sunset, the birds come out to play
And if they don't peck out your eyes, we'll leave in search of better times
And if we make it out alive, we'll have a modern night


It never sounds quite as bad as it does in my head
I think if I think I think I'm better off dead
I think I'll just pop a pill and lay in bed
It never sounds quite as bad as it does in my head

Whatcha thinkin?
Whatcha thinkin?
Whatcha thinkin?
Watch your back my friend
Track Name: Cant Go Home
Lyrics written by MacGregor Burns:

You say you take it all, this gardens too small
For us to stay out of each others sight
Wearing the same age old wings
She said she'd steal my face
And the living dead is in her birth right
When do you see yourself, where you want to be?
When do you see yourself where you want to be?

When you can't go home once you leave
No you can't go home once you leave

Ive seen too many days of nothing
Wrapped up in it all at once
When I couldn't get a handle on them
And what they've become
And it wasn't all flowers in the sun
And it wasn't all hours it was only one
Been trying to see my self where I want to be
And remembering that they told me

Track Name: Fashion
Some days are meant to be remembered
Today is not one of those days
Tomorrow ain't looking so good neither
Hope to be dead by morning anyway

Hey, hey
A fiery death is a cold, cold way to go
A fiery death is a cold, cold way
They got them bombs for a reason you know
They'll drop them bombs on us one of these days

Sitting alone in some haunted basement
The pit in your gut won't go away
The loving sounds of connection above you
Everybody's getting fucked but me


Ill give up on cynicism
When it stops proving itself so prophetic
And Ill give up on nihilism
When politicians don't cover and run
And Ill believe in your religion
When you sweep up all the damage its done
And Ill give up on my addictions
When I finally get that sign from above

Its fashion
Its denying the times we live in
Its fashion
Its strangling me
Track Name: Bald Face
Wasps are your only friends
Armed with poisonous weapons
Fear not, you are a good person

Burn him alive, burn him nice
Expose all his lies over time
Afraid to sleep in his own bed
Afraid of the vultures in his head
No sleep
No sleep
No peace

How best to live this way?
Take your pills every single day
Medicated mental decay

Track Name: The House of the Damned
Grand stand, big old plans
You're chained to the bed in the house of the damned
The devil, he never leaves
He sits on your couch watching your TV
Angels, they come and go
They lock the door behind them and they pity your soul
How did you end up here?
You tried to be nice and you tried to be sincere

Say your prayers
Say God bless them
And say your prayers

Your dryer it burns like hell
Your clothes are turning brown and they're starting to smell
Piles of dishes in the sink
Everything's dirty and you can't cook a thing
Hungry for something new
You have nowhere to go and nothing to do
How did you end up here?
You tried to be nice and you tried to be sincere


Train tracks, a few feet of grass
Is all that separates you as its rumbling past
With scorn, blowing his horn
On his way to heaven with the bodies of the pure
Suicides never clean
It always leaves a mess if you know what I mean
Since you went and died
Your faucet sprays the tears of all those that cried